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Make Your Sales Kick Off Meet The Mark

Break Down Regional Silos

You’re working hard to keep your sales teams on the same page, but without a unified system in place, collaboration is uncoordinated, information is slow to process, and goals are harder to reach.

Through innovative features and seamless integration, Alchemist Activate breaks down regional barriers to ensure a smooth kick off, facilitating synchronised cross-regional collaboration and fostering a sense of global community among learners.

Cost Effective Scalability and Sustainability

Managing large numbers of attendees from all over the world can be difficult and costly. Trying to coordinate resources and travel arrangements can be a real headache, especially if you’re already struggling to reduce your environmental impact.

Alchemist Activate handles people across the world joining in at the same time. With more of your team able to log in to the platform remotely, there is less need for staff to travel, decreasing your carbon footprint. This allows for a much faster and smoother ability to scale your sales kick offs.

Align Sales Teams & Build Commercial Skills For Non Sales Roles

Keeping your sales team aligned and up to date with product knowledge can be an incredibly daunting task, while operational and technical staff don’t always understand sales strategies and miss opportunities to drive revenue.  Differing levels of product knowledge and gaps in information all leave room for costly mistakes.

Alchemist Activate is accessible to everyone in your organisation virtually & on any device, so align your  technical & operational staff with your sales team to increase sales knowledge and minimise the number of opportunities missed.


Start your Sales Kick Off (SKO) event with the help of Alchemist. The Alchemist Learning Journey platform is capable of facilitating an SKO of any size. Using some of its tailor made features such as leaderboards and gamification, with Alchemist you can create an event for small sales teams or scale it up to facilitate a global audience virtually.

Tailor Made

The virtual platform can be tailored to your organisation. Colours, language, tone of voice and much more. The Alchemist Activate has the ability to add or remove features that are relevant to your sales kick.

Scale Globally

Alchemist’s virtual Learning Journey platform is fully scalable to work globally. Have all your sales staff using the system at the same time.

Pre SKO Work

Utilise the Learning Journey’s ability to set pre work for all attendees. Using a points based system, your staff can then join the global leaderboard to win a prize.

Post SKO Work

Test how well your sales teams understood new information and have them complete post work. This can also contribute to a global leaderboard.

Benefits Of Using Alchemist Activate

For effective training outcomes and active learner participation, a range of contemporary learning solutions, from e-learning to fully immersive actor led simulations is available through Alchemist. This programme offers a blend of features that promote learner engagement, ensuring comprehensive understanding and improved information retention. Key capabilities include:


Take a fresh approach to engaging your employees with programmes that leverage gamification and simulation. With these tools you provide an entertaining way to learn but also foster a sense of competition, whilst driving vital learning objectives.

The psychology behind game mechanics captures people’s attention, motivating them to continue playing. The Alchemist Activate is able to use this power to support the launch of new products and updated information across the business. Build employee confidence, engagement and alignment by incorporating games with specific learning objectives. Using gamification ultimately improves selling performance whilst making the learning process memorable and more enjoyable.

Simulated Practice

Practising what you have learnt is vital to your learning process. In order to do this at scale the Alchemist Activate utilises the power of interactive conversation technology. Navigate a simulated sales conversation with your company’s key decision makers, globally, on demand. The interactive conversation technology adds a strong sense of realism for your company’s key decision makers, ensuring learning points from virtual conversations can be identified, and scores recorded.

This cutting edge technology compliments the learning content to create a truly immersive experience. Using the voice activated AI, that doesn’t just recognise what participants are saying, it responds with interactive conversation, ensuring the simulations flow like a very normal conversation.

Improve The Transfer Of Knowledge

Benefit from a higher level of knowledge absorption from your teams across the world with the Alchemist Activate platform. Asking questions dynamically to all participants worldwide to demonstrate their knowledge throughout the event demonstrates knowledge transfer.

Receive a data report reflecting whether the data transfer was successful based on the percentage of questions answered correctly.

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Welcome to our new identity. We are now Alchemist.

Apex and Interact, our heritage brands have come together to create something new and exciting. 

Our new website is the perfect place to explore what we have to offer. 

Alchemist- one team, one culture, and one pool of associates, all with unlimited potential. 

Welcome to our new identity. We are now Alchemist.

Apex and Interact, our heritage brands have come together to create something new and exciting. 

Our new website is the perfect place to explore what we have to offer. 

Alchemist- one team, one culture, and one pool of associates, all with unlimited potential.