Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

A SOLUTION SET FOR LEADERS TO BEST MODEL AND UPHOLD CULTURE. In an ever-evolving landscape of work it has become clear that renewed efforts are needed to ensure individuality and personality is at the heart of what your business promotes in its teams. With the emergence of remote and virtual workspaces the inclusion of team members outside the traditional working boundaries creates a further diversification of those in your workspace.

Out Of The Box Learning Delivery Level


Online learning, gamification, app based journeys, video content, webinars.


Virtual and in person, task based, facilitated, practise with actors and coaches.

Fully playable case studies and stories, with set builds, actor led storylines, and external assessment and feedback.

Create your own Alchemist Blend

Bring your learning experience to life by adding some extra elements.

Our delivery experts can help you customise this Alchemist Learning Journey into a Highly Immersive Virtual Event or into a real play practical or immersive experience. By adding some additional elements, you can make your event even more memorable and engaging. So don’t hesitate to speak to our delivery experts about customising this journey into something truly special.


The Alchemist DEI philosophy believes in creating a culture of acceptance and a space for difference. We believe it’s important to nurture compassion, curiosity and courage and support a growth mindset where all individuals believe their talents can be developed. At Alchemist we appreciate that conversations around DEI can be uncomfortable, so we create safe spaces for conversations through contracting and openness. Our approach is to ‘never mind the buzzwords’, as we are all people and can talk to each other like humans.

Programme Summary

This solution combines consulting and learning elements to surface what systems and dynamics exist in your culture around understanding individuality and working with difference, and work with these to create an more open space of acceptance and curiosity. Consultation elements will work alongside nominated steering groups to make process recommendations, these can be supported or handled internally based on your resources. Learning elements can be delivered virtually or face to face and include traditional teach and more progressive actor led simulation and practise options.

Who Is It For

Our DEI programme is suitable for staff at all levels, across every sector.

Digital Delivery Options

Human Library – working alongside your business we will work to create a video library of the diverse range of individuals that exist in your business. This will be structured using a defined set of questions to demonstrate the differences represented across your business.

My Experience Podcasts – exploring both the light and share of experiences of individuals across the business in relation to diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our Business – working alongside your business we will create video assets that demonstrate the different social and geographical cultures that make up your teams. We will surface differences in ways of working and understanding.


Expanding Your thinking

This interactive workshop looks at where bias comes from and how we can get alongside our own and work with it in awareness. In person or virtual.

The Power Of Perception

This actor led experiential workshop faces into how our perceptions shape our reality. Through discussion and practice learners work to question their perception and promote curiosity.

The Workforce Of The Future

This workshop uses both theory and shared experience to look at the diverse nature of the modern workplace. Looking at difference, the generation gap and assumptions we may make about others, this module also covers a behavioural based model of five effective ways to work with others.


Autism Awareness

This interactive workshop covers an introduction to autism, a spectrum disorder. Creating an understanding of the impact of living in a Neurotypical world, this module looks to build better awareness of both the challenges faced by, and the strengths of an Autistic colleague or stakeholder. Can be delivered in person or virtual.

Mental Health Awareness

In this session we introduce some simple steps to ensure that you are well placed to identify and support your colleagues when mental health issues arise Armed with a better awareness of Mental Health, and the steps you can take if concerned about a person’s wellbeing. This session will help build a more supportive, working environment for managers and team members alike.

Dealing With Stress

Stress is something many of us experience at different points during our lives. This session aims to help participants have a better understanding of stress and how to manage it. Being able to do this for both themselves and support their colleagues so it is not emotionally exhausting, will help create a more inclusive culture and build team resilience.


Gain an understanding of the current state of play in your culture in regards to difference and acceptance. Have workable options in terms of changes that could be applied to working systems and the way in which teams interact to create a culture of openness. Build and deploy a bespoke learning programme designed to create more awareness of difference and perceptions amongst team members.

Diagnostic Options


We offer fully blended learning and development solutions, underpinned by data and technology.


Tools to best assess the needs of the organisation, team and individual.


Hands-on development activities.


Skills through practicing and reflecting.


Simulated reality for transformational change.

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Welcome to our new identity. We are now Alchemist.

Apex and Interact, our heritage brands have come together to create something new and exciting. 

Our new website is the perfect place to explore what we have to offer. 

Alchemist- one team, one culture, and one pool of associates, all with unlimited potential. 

Welcome to our new identity. We are now Alchemist.

Apex and Interact, our heritage brands have come together to create something new and exciting. 

Our new website is the perfect place to explore what we have to offer. 

Alchemist- one team, one culture, and one pool of associates, all with unlimited potential.